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Complete guide on how to build a HYLAFax fax server with Linux CentOS 5.3

In this guide, we explain how to install HylaFAX in a Windows type environment.

Do not worry about this installation even if you do not know Linux that well or at all, everything is clearly explained and detailed.

Every steps of the Linux CentOS 5.3 operating system install and the HylaFAX server install is shown. Also the Windows client install to send faxes from Windows XP workstations.

In this project, an email adress will receive the inbound faxes fowarded by HylaFAX server. Follow these links to view a step by step server install:

Part 1 - Requirements to install free open source fax HYLAFax with Linux CentOS 5.3
Part 2 - How to install Linux CentOS 5.3 for HYLAFax
Part 3 - How to configure Linux CentOS 5.3 for HYLAFax
Part 4 - How to install and configure HYLAFax
Part 5 - How to install the Windows XP client WHFC for HYLAFax

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