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Part 2 - How to install Linux CentOS 5.3 for HYLAFax

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At DVD boot prompt, type in: linux text

It a good idea to verify the CDs or DVD before the installation, in my case I frequently use this DVD, so I will skip this step.

No comments here!

Select "English".

Select "US".

Since it is a new disk it needs to be initialized. Select "yes".

Let's create partitions on hda.

Select "New".

Let's create a 100 MB "/boot" as a primary partition.

The second partion will be the swap that should be 1.5 times the memory size.

We will have the rest of the disk space on the third and last partition.

This is the result. Okay, it is true, it is pretty basic and we could segment the disk in many more partitions. Let me know how you would do it at: howto[@]sertec[.]ca but this will work just fine.

For Grub, let's keep the default, hit F12.

Again, hit F12.

And again, hit F12.

And again, F12.

And again, F12.
Finaly, this is it for Grub!

Select "Yes".

Let's select the first two...

... and configure a static IP address. Choose an appropriate address for the network.

Same thing for the gateway and DNS.

Choose a computer name and add the "A record" in your local network DNS. This is important to view received faxes.

Select a time zone.

Choose a strong password for root.

Unselect everything! Yes realy, everything

That's it, all we need to do now is to let it install...

...and restart.

After restart, select "Firewall configuration".

Disable SELinux, and click "Customize".

Check eth0 "Trusted devices" and "Allow incoming" SSH and FTP. Also add 4559 under "Other ports".

That's it, the CentOS install part is done.

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