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How to convert VHD to VMDK partition types (Convert format to VMDK)

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Download Winimage 8.10

First thing you will need is Win Image 8.10 witch is shareware. You may evaluate it for a period of 30 days, after you need to register if you intend to continue using it. Make sure to download WinImage version 8.10. You can get it from:

This is the Winimage download page.
This is a direct link to download winima81.exe in North America.

Install Winimage 8.10 and start it

After installing WinImage, you will get to this screen:

To conversion VHD to VMDK disk
Click menu "Disk" and "Convert Virtual Hard Disk Image".

Convert to file VHD to VMDK disk
Select file type "Virtual Hard Disk (*.vhd)" under file type field.
Choose the folder where the source virtual disk is, select the virtual disk and click "Open".

WinImage convert format to VHD to VMDK disk
Select either "Create Fixed Size Virtual Hard Disk" or "Create Dynamically Expanding Virtual Hard Disk".

Win Image convert files VHD to VMDK disk
Select file type "VMware VMDK (*.vmdk)" under file type field.
Choose the folder where the destination virtual disk will be, type the virtual disk name and then click "Save".

Win Image file convert VHD to VMDK disk
Give it time to finish the conversion. It may take a while depanding on the size of the virtual hard disk.

Win Image to conversion VHD to VMDK disk
Once it is done you will go back to the opening window. The conversion is done.

This is "Virtual to Virtual" (V2V) conversion.

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